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We (VGWD s.r.o.) use cookies and other online tracking technologies (which we will also refer to as cookies for the purposes of this Cookie Statement) every time you use or enter our website. Cookies are used for various purposes, such as to ensure your experience with our website will be smooth and without any disruptions, to analyse the number of website visitors or for advertising purposes. 


What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files that are stored whenever you use or access our website. They are used either to ensure the smooth functioning of our website as well as to collect data to provide you with personalized content. Typical uses of cookies are to allow you to collect goods in the cart as you browse our website, or to allow merchants to provide you with advertisements that are relevant for you. During your first visit of our website, our cookies will be placed into your browser depending on your chosen preferences and each time you use our services again, the website will recognise you. 


Types of cookies (we use)

Given the purpose of cookies there are several types of cookies we use. 

1. Necessary (technical) cookies 

These are used for the smooth functioning of the basic functions of our website. For instance, they include information regarding your operating system, device model or browser version. They are necessary and therefore we do not ask for your consent about their usage. Without them, the website could not function properly. 

These cookies are used for basic functions such as:


2. Analytical cookies 

These cookies collect data about you and your behaviour on the website, such as your IP address, approximate location, what products you click on, what features you use, etc. It is important to note that none of this information is or can be used to identify you specifically, but it is used in aggregate to assess the functionality of the website and to make improvements to ensure your smooth customer experience. 

These cookies are used for functions such as:


3. Marketing cookies

These cookies are used to track your internet browsing. They collect data about the websites you have visited, products you have clicked on, etc. Their purpose is to enable provision of personalized advertisement to you. However, they are not used to identify you personally.   

These cookies are used for basic functions such as:


Managing cookies

Cookies that we use are helpful and we use them solely to improve your experience. However, if you are uncomfortable with them for any reason, you can restrict their use in your device settings. The procedure for doing this may differ according to the browser you use. Please note that restricting cookies, especially the necessary ones, may affect the proper functioning of our website. 




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