Who are we? What is Global Day Pass? Let us tell you!

GlobalDayPass, your easy-to-use travel buddy. 

We're a Czech company that believes in sharing our love for hotels and swimming. We built this platform with the intention of opening the world of luxury hospitality to you at a cheap price. We love exploring hotels and swimming in exotic gardens, and we hope you share our love as well.


We allow you to book a hotel's luxury amenities, such as their pool, spa, or gym at a lower price than if you were staying there. This way, you can enjoy the privacy of your own Airbnb by night and luxury hotel by day.  We aim for simplicity, offering you a one-click booking system where it's easy to book and confirmations are automatic. 


What do you offer?

We currently offer hotels in Marrakech, but we aim to offer day passes in each major vacation hub around the globe. We believe that everyone deserves a break, and a day pass is the perfect addition to your vacation. 


Are your offers tailored?

We work with hotels to offer personalized packages based on what we observe our clients like. We aim to have as diverse an offering as possible - from resorts, to wellness hotels, to boutique getaways and hidden gems in nature. If you have an idea for a day pass that you'd want to book, feel free to reach out at [email protected]


So, how do I book?

Booking a day pass is straightforward and intuitive. You simply choose your desired city, select from a range of hotels, select the day pass you like most, book with a small downpayment, and enjoy. No long-term commitments or unnecessary complications; just the luxury you deserve. We'll even let you change your dates if you want to shuffle around your plans. We offer a simple, safe, and secure booking system. 


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